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Cookies Policy

The Royal River Hotel website, operated by Chao Phraya Siam (1975) Co., Ltd., uses cookies to manage personal information and improve website usage. are subject to the requirements according to By accessing this website, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small computer data. to be installed or save it to your computer or electronic device when you visit the website. Cookies remember information about your use of the website, for example, a record of your current browsing status. Other user settings to help you continue to use the website. And we can collect information about the visitor's browsing history.

Benefits of cookies

Collection of Cookies This allows us to know and provide a better user experience and meet the needs of future customers. Cookies also save the first settings of the website. This allows the customer to get the default settings each time they use it. If cookies are deleted All settings will return to their defaults.

Use of cookies

Royal River Hotel uses cookies and other technologies such as pixel-tags on our Services (collectively, the “Services Referring to the Cookie Policy”), so any browser you use to access the Services at Refer to the cookie policy to receive cookies from us.

When you access a service based on the Cookie Policy Cookies are downloaded to your device to store information about your usage patterns and website usage history. Information or services you are interested in including your most recent access reference number, etc.

Cookies are also used in conjunction with pixel tag technology. To know the usage patterns and history of using the website Information or services you are interested in and analyzed To improve the service, display content, advertise or promote appropriate activities and services that are relevant to your interests. to increase your satisfaction even more

The types of cookies we use can be categorized as follows:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These types of cookies are essential to the operation of the website. This includes cookies that enable you to access information and use the website. our safely

Service cookies

Service cookies will allow you to use the service and/or access functions such as cookies that manage your login and login status.

Cookies that enhance the performance of the service

Cookies that enhance the use of the Service will facilitate you and your target audience to use the Service. as well as helping us get to know you better. The Royal River Hotel will use this information to offer and develop products and/or services that are more relevant to your interests and to the target audience.

How to disable cookies

You can disable cookies. by setting your own browser and set privacy settings to stop future collection of information by cookies. However, some services on our website The use of cookies is required. If you disable cookies, some or all functionalities of the Services may be inconsistent.